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About Us

Long Island Wood Floor Pros began as a local wooden polishing service in Long Island, New York State.

As a locally operated wooden polishing company, it is an honor to be a part of many people’s lives. What Long Island Wood Floor Pros team love about our work is time management and team coordination.

Our company has been a difficult but rewarding journey to growth. We started with only a few people, but now we’ve reached a large family in Long Islands.

Long Island Wood Floor Pros have been working hard to maintain our quality and integrity with all our services provided. We started with only small housing, and now we continue to work for big commercial housings in Long Islands. We even served a few multinational corporations and had art shows.

Services We Provide

1. Sanding And Refinishing
2. Installation Of New Floorboards
3. Repair Of Old Wooden Floors
4. Staining/Stain Removal of Hardboards
5. Commercial Wooden Floor Services

Thank you for trusting us with your wooden floors!

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Areas We Serve

Why Long Island Wood Floor Pros?

For years, Long Island Wood Floor Pros has been providing a wide range of professional wooden polishing services to the Long Island and suburbs area.

We have an excellent reputation throughout the region. You can find our workshop with wood furniture polished and restored in the Long Island metropolis.

Long Island Wood Floor Pros also offers wooden floor damage restoration and repair services. We even repaired an antique bedroom wooden floor out of a fire-raving house. The shovels and all of them, we took the parts out, repaired them and restored them to their original quality.

If you’re interested in consulting or getting free quotes for wooden polishing services in Long Island or other suburbs mentioned above, Long Island Wood Floor Pros is happy to help you.

Call us or fill out our contact us form to get a free quote.

Browse our website or walk in our workshop to know more about what we can do for you.

With Long Island Wood Floor Pros professional wooden polishing service you will love your wooden floors for many years to come.

Professional Wooden Polishing Service

Even if you’re willing to polish your home’s wooden floor on your own. The world of wooden polishing can be very confusing. Let Long Island Wood Floor Pros do this tedious task for you. We will also recommend cleaning tips and even types of furniture polish.

In Long Island Wood Floor Pros, we will work with you to determine which polish will work best for your piece of furniture in terms of practicality and style. We’ll also make sure we close any metal when polishing to maintain the integrity of metallic elements – we can polish it with another multipurpose or metal polish.

There’s nothing more beautiful and timeless than beautiful parquet flooring. If your Long Island wooden flooring needs a little care, call Long Island Wood Floor Pros today! We would like to consult with you and discuss your special wooden floor renovation needs.

We look forward to hearing from you and offering elegant floors that are more elegant than you imagined.