Wood Flooring Services In Cedarhurst, NY

We specialize in peeling Wooden floors, sanding of Wooden floors, fixing Wooden floors, cleaning and polishing wooden floors. The cost of improving your Wooden floors by our company is reasonable and is based on the price per square meter of the floor area.

Sanding And Refinishing Wooden Floors Cedarhurst

Generally, after adding our cost of materials and workmanship to improve your Wooden floors, renting floor sanding equipment and all other costs that are inevitable to re-coat the wooden floors, you will be able to lower.

Long Island Wood Floor Pros Cedarhurst Wooden Floors Polishing

We paint and polish all kinds of hardwood floors, from light to dark. We can bleach any dark and dull wood floor to give it a bright and shining look.

If you are thinking of refinishing the floors yourself, you have no idea how much damage you can do when trying to refurbish the Wooden floors. If you are not experienced, it can be catastrophic. Hardwood floor sanding equipment can grind wigs from wooden floors and, if not used properly, leave waves of uneven surfaces.

Leave the tedious task to Long Island Wood Floor Pros and rest assured. While we turn your old worn-out floors to a new look with our excellent Cedardust sanding and refurbishing services.

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Long Island Wood Floor Pros Offers Two Kinds Of Wooden Polishing Service In Cedardust

Oil Based Polyurethane Wood Polishing – This coating polishes and covers your wooden floors with the most durable oil-based protective polyurethanes.

Water-Based Polyurethane Wood Polishing – Water-based polish coatings for Cedarhurst Wooden floors are durable for oily surfaces as well as nails and grips.

Wooden Floor Repair Service Cedarhurst

Long Island Wood Floor Pros offers all kinds of Cedarhurst wooden floor repair services. If you have hardwood floorboards that are broken, cracked, crumbled or rotten, call us. We know how to seamlessly repair wooden floors and match the color stain. So that you can never notice any difference between the newly repaired wooden floor from the original one.

Wooden floors Installation Cedarhurst

Long Island Wood Floor Pros installs wooden laminate flooring, finished wood flooring, custom-tailored wood floors, and also unfinished Wooden flooring. Our wood flooring is set up by the most professional and experienced Wooden floorers in Cedarhurst.

If you are having trouble laying the Wooden floors that you have purchased from a home store, call us and we can help you install any kind of Wooden flooring.

If you’re looking for a Wooden flooring company in the Cedarhurst area, please call Long Island Wood Floor Pros.

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