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Elmont Sanding And Refinishing Service

Wooden floors eventually wore out and get scratch marks during their lifespan. The only option in some cases is to completely renovate the entire wood floors. For others, however, we offer sanding and refurnishing that can be an affordable alternative for flooring that only needs a little attention.

Transform the look of your wooden floors without breaking the bench with Long Island Wood Floor Pros’ wooden polishing service in Elmont.

Our sanding and refurnishing service can restore the shine and beauty of your hardwood floors without the clutter that can usually be associated with the full finish of your hardwood floors.

The floors we recommend to re-coat are those that show minimal wear and light scratches, most of the color of the original stain still intact. In addition, floors that should be resurfaced should have minimal deformation and other types of damage, and be in good shape in general.

Wood floors Installation Elmont

Increases the value of your house. This is a wonderful selling point when you are looking to sell your home.

Reduces stress associated with living with worn-out wood floors. It’s never necessary to compromise again! Polished wood floors give a durable look. Select from semi-bright, glossy, or matte polyurethane.

Your floors are protected from traffic by pedestrians and help keep them cleaner for longer with a good sealing layer.

Eliminates allergens. Our processes are dust-free which means there are no dust particles or clutter that are in the air before or following our wood polishing service.

Clean up scratches from your floors with sanding without harming the wood.

So what are you sitting to do? Have your wood floors get a new look in a matter of minutes by using Long Island Wood Floor Pros Elmont’s affordable wood polishing service!

Wood Floor Repair Service Elmont

There is no need to incur the high cost of replacing your flooring with hardwood. Long Island Wood Floor Pros wood polishing service in Elmont is an excellent alternative that costs less, and can save you time and stress.