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One of the biggest reasons why wooden flooring should be chosen is that it ensures better indoor air. If you have allergy suffering family members, you will be happy to know that hardwood floors do not absorb particles like dust and pollutants. Carpets, including parasites, are known to harbor these particles.

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If you are looking to install high-quality and durable wooden floors Long Island Wood Floor Pros is the perfect solution for you.

When it comes to the advantages and disadvantages of wooden floors, people think first of all about appearance. Hardwood looks brilliant and for many years to come gives your home a feeling of elegance and warmth. Other flooring materials tend to fade, but not hardwood over time. This is particularly true if you select a contractor to install high-quality wood floors.

Hardwood definitely helps you achieve higher investment returns. You will sell your home more easily and at a better price. A Time magazine article says hardwood flooring is one of the features buyers are willing to pay for. This is why, if they plan to sell their properties in the near future, many homeowners replace their old carpets. Hire a specialized tool and knowledge professional to fit hardwood floor panels and provide a seamless installation.

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Installation of hardwood floors takes place in four different phases

The first phase is the estimation of the size. An estimator will come to your house after you call a company to weigh your floors using a rolling wheel-type measuring device and a long tape measure.

The second stage is the estimation of the cost. The estimator of the size may sit down on the spot with you and crunch the numbers to produce a price estimate.

The third phase is the distribution of the flooring and acclimation, which should take place at least three days before the arrival of the installers. Acclimation means the wood has to strike a balance, or a balance of moisture, with the home.

Types Of Hardwood Floors

MAPLE : One of the most popular choices of hardwood flooring is the maple flooring. Maple’s grain pattern is very subtle and works well in both large and small spaces.

ROSEWOOD : Rosewood hardwood has very unique grain patterns and a variety of colors from yellow to violet.

WALNUT : There are various hardwood floor species of walnut. The floors are usually dark and exotic in appearance, which is versatile and looks great in most homes.

PINE : Pine is not really a hardwood, contrary to what many believe. Pine is a wood or softwood character.

ASH : Ash is a great option if you’re looking for hardwoods that are usually cheaper than other hardwoods.

LYPTUS : Less common than other options for wood flooring, lyptus warms up rooms and is great for small or large spaces.

OAK : In hardwood floors, one of the most popular looks is oak. It’s timeless and very wear-resistant.

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