While prevention is the key to beautiful flooring, accidents sometimes occur that require repair of hardwood flooring. Long Island Wood Floor Pros is here to help restore your floors back to pristine condition, serving the residential and commercial area of Long island.


We’ve dealt with the most severe destruction that can result from water damage to the squeaky of panels to dents caused by appliances.

Although many homeowners believe floor repairs can be an easy DIY project having experience with hardwood floor repair and floor maintenance is necessary to ensure that your floors are maintained properly without causing damage. Repair work can be completed together with refinishing and you can be completed in a shorter time and cost in the end when you work with the help of an expert flooring contractor located in Long Island, NY.

Damage to hardwood flooring may result from a range of reasons, such as not properly preparing the subfloor prior to installation or installation that is not correct scratches and dents, and water damage.


The most common thing that can be a problem in the course of construction is if the floor installer hasn’t left the for expansion along the perimeter. This is essential for allowing your flooring to naturally expand or contract as it gets hotter and colder temperatures. If there’s no expansion gap left on the perimeter of the room there will be no natural movement of the floor that could rise and fall.

Day-to-day use of your floor may cause damage through dents and scratches. Most dents and bruises can be minor problems that are largely ignored and could even add personality and character to your floor. If your flooring is well-examined, it’s easy to steer clear of stains that are not wanted.

Damage from water can cause bends and distortions to hardwood floors and may cause them to get discolored if they are submerged into or beneath the floor. The extent of the damage will depend on the circumstances. If accidentally, a tiny amount of water was left to soak into the flooring, there’s a slim possibility that it could cause damage to the flooring. If, however, you had flooding and for any period, a significant volume of liquid was left over the wood flooring, the harm is more likely to be severe.

Wooden Floor Repair Service

We have years of experience in repairing hardwood floors. All types of issues have been fixed.

Splintered Wood: Get rid of the board fix it, then complete it.

Water damage: This type of damage can be challenging and should be handled by experts. We’ll clean, repair and finish the wood back.

Squeaky Floors: Only an in-depth investigation will pinpoint the cause of the noise. We will look for any indications of structural damage, and make the required repairs.

Pet Damage: While pets form part of our family, they tend to leave scratches on hardwood floors that are sometimes damaged due to a lot of accidents. We’ll make the floors look fresh and new regardless of what.

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