While prevention is the key to beautiful flooring, accidents sometimes occur that require repair of hardwood flooring. Long Island Wood Floor Pros is here to help restore your floors back to pristine condition, serving the residential and commercial area of Long island.


We have experience dealing with the worst damage, from water damage to squeaky panels to dents from appliances.

While many homeowners believe that floor repairs are a do – it-yourself project, experience in hardwood floor repair and hardwood floor maintenance is a must to maintain your floors properly without causing additional damage. Repair work is easily done in conjunction with refinishing, and the project will save time and money in the long run with an experienced professional flooring company in Long Island, NY.

Damage to hardwood flooring can be caused by a variety of things including: failure to properly prepare the subfloor before installation, incorrect installation, scratches and dents, and damage to water.


The main thing that may go wrong during construction is if the floor fitter has not left the space perimeter expansion open. This is important in order to allow the flooring to expand and contract naturally with colder and hotter temperatures. If there is no expansion gap left around the edge of the room, there will be no natural movement on the floor so that it can raise and break.

Everyday use of the floor can result in damage caused by scratches and dents. Many bruises or dents will be a minor issue that will go largely unnoticed and may even bring personality and character to your board. If your flooring is properly looked at, it is easy to avoid the presence of unwanted stains.

Water damage can bend and distort hardwood floors and even become discolored if they soak in or below the floor. The severity of the damage depends on what has happened. If by accident a small amount of water has been left to soak in the flooring, then there is a small chance that it will affect the flooring. However, if there was a flood where for any amount of time a substantial amount of water was left on the wooden floor, the damage is likely to be greater.

Wooden Floor Repair Service

We have many years of experience repairing hardwood floors and all kinds of problems have been repaired.

Splintered Wood : Remove the board, repair it, and finish it.

Damage To Water : This type of damage can be difficult and should be left to the professionals. We’re going to sand, repair, and perfectly finish your wood back.

Squeaky Floors : Only a thorough investigation will reach the root of the noise; we will examine any signs of structural damage and make the necessary repairs.

Pet Damage : While our pets are part of the family, they often leave scratched wooden floors, sometimes distorted by too many accidents. We’re going to make the hardwoods look brand new, no matter what.

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