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As it grows older, hardwood floors can become dull and scratched. But contrary to other flooring types, hardwood flooring can be restored to its original decor. All you’ve got to do is call us for complete sanding and refinishing.

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During its lifetime, hardwood floors can take 10 to 12 complete sanding and finishing jobs. Depending on the thickness of the hardwood veneer, engineered wood flooring can be refined once twice.

You might think you are saving money by refinishing your own wood floor, but you’re going to make mistakes and costly mistakes at that. Equipment such as drum sander — a large piece of equipment that you get from a rental machine shop, isn’t an easy thing to control. If it sits too long in one place and you’re going to carve a divot that’s going to glare at you for years.

Professional sanding and finishing of hardwood floors gives you the opportunity to restore old, damaged floors completely. It also gives you the opportunity to paint the color of your hardwood flooring. Most qualified floor re-finishers use devices with accessories for heavy duty dust removal to help keep your home from getting messy. hardwood floor refinishing includes sanding, staining, and recoating appropriate for your floors. And we do it at an affordable price with best quality.

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Why should you Refinish your hardwood floor and how we do it

Your hardwood floors are likely to have quite a few scratches and maybe some discolored areas after a few decades. If your floor has been treated roughly, this damage may appear earlier. You can finish the wood when your floors look old and worn, and make them look new again. Before they need to be patched, you can have most hardwood floors resanded up to eight times.

You need to make sure every 1/32 inch of wood is on the top of your floor before you begin refinishing. If not, you will not be able to proceed and need to consider replacing the floors. If you have no floor registers in your house, you should take a panel from a corner or wardrobe— anywhere to check the thickness. If you call us we can do it for you for free. Once the thickness is measured, you can hire professionals to complete the job.

Once the top of the floor is sanded, several polyurethane finish coats are added by the flooring professional. If your floors were previously painted, the paint will be stripped from the sanding. If you want to retain the original color or change it to a new one, the floor must be re-stained, sanded and coated. Another choice is to go with the unblemished paint that should make your rooms look brighter.

In some situations, only the high-traffic areas in your house may be redone. Often the floor of the bedroom retain their appearance while the floors of the living room are beating. A flooring professional can sand the top of the floor and then put a new polyurethane finish over the top of the floor for floors that look worn but have no serious damage. This process is called screening, and no wood is removed, so it can be done repeatedly.

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